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The 3 in 1 baby gum has 3 ways to play: baby gym, activity panel and take along rattles it also includes the following features: Sturdy baby gym with colorful farm animals and hanging animal rattles Flashing lights, fun sounds and cheerful melodies to simulate the babies senses Detachable activity panel encourages exploration and development of fine motor skills 3 detachable rattles that can be taken on the go Easy to assemble and disassemble
It can be used as a ride-on or pushed antepremergator, depending on the child's age. -Moduri different - Jungle, Savannah, Lake Shore - which are activated by a switch on the front of the lion. -Three buttons flashes lion head, which depending on operating mode activates different sounds and melodies. othing compares to a friend that you can rely on, especially when you learn to do first steps.
Mode switch key (football, basketball, golf, bowling) & IR Sensor Tropy pull button ( Spring back ) & flipping pages Timer spinning hand with click sound Football play with counting feature ( The ball hit the net to trigger the counting function. Turning characters and roller
Blossom Baby Teethers Rattle Toy Set (Set of 6 Pcs). Various Exciting Rattle Toys for New Borns & Infants.It comes with 6 different types of Rattle Toys which will make your kid happy. The rattle is the ideal helper toy for baby during teething.Bright color has strong visual stimulation and is good for the baby's visual sensory development. It is made up of non-toxic and good quality plastic.Your little ones would be happy after hearing the sounds of these Rattle Toys.
Smiling butterfly rattle with melodies, easy to press light up melody button, Activity in each wing easy to grasp wing with rattle beads and spinning inch worm wing.
Winfun Crib Driver Bright and colorful car seat toy, comes with steering wheel and dashboard lights keeping baby entertained when traveling. Variety of activites and sound effects will provide your baby with fun and entertainment . Also attaches to crib or stroller . Age range: 6 months and up Prodcut Description Contrasting patterned fabric steering wheel and driving dashboard equipped with indicator lights and gearshift Sliding reflective car with sound effects Fun sound effects and cheerful melodies Turning ignition key with driving sound effects Spinning ball with rattle beads Spinning, movable, shaped teething rings Simple attachment for crib / stroller activity Remove the toy from the crib / stroller for floor play
There is no greater gift on God's green earth than the gift of music. Music represents freedom; music liberates you from the dreariness of everyday life and liberates your consciousness to delve into the realm of creativity. Musicians do not care if they are stylish or in the vogue. They don't care about what others think of them. Musicians do not conform to the societal norms.
Bright, colorful textured fabric and plastic for visual stimulation, light up button with pre programmed melodies, instrument and sound effect selection.
These inflatable baby support introduces babies to the water. For babies 1-2 years and between 24 and 33 lbs. Made of sturdy pre-tested vinyl. Features three air chambers with safety valves. Large square ring for balance and features a diaper style seat.
Bestway Mickey inflatable pool, 3 rings. Ideal for babies over 18 months. Measures of 70 x 30 cm. It has a capacity of 38 liters.
Bestway has created an inflatable playpen with a soft floor and walls - in it your child is safe! A 112cm x 63cm cot is intended for one year old children. Expressive colours encourage children to play. The inflatable bottom ensures comfort while in the pen. The whole is made of strong vinyl. If, however there are any damage in it, you will fix it with the included repair patch.
Color pontoon-like shape his rocket plane is a proposal from Bestway for children from 3 years of age. Pontoon is made of durable vinyl. Colored, inflatable with lock before the air. Pumped bottom pontoon is a transparent window to safely be able to watch the underwater world. Graphics pontoon refers to the spacecraft to make the trip in the cosmic skies. The advantage of the pontoon, however, is primarily UVA canopy that provides a bit of shade on hot days maluszkowi during water play. Designed for children from 3-6 years of age.

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