Bestway Deluxe Swimming Pool Maintenance Kit is perfect for pool owners who spend hours wading through filthy water, desperately grasping at rotting leaves, dead bugs and a never-ending stream of other debris. The pool maintenance kit contains a range of items that make cleaning a pool easier than doing a doggy paddle. Swimming pool cleaning equipment includes a skimming net and a pool vacuum with a removable and reusable leaf bag. Both the skimming net and vacuum can be attached to an adjustable 2.79m aluminium pole and 6m hose, which are perfect for clearing debris from hard to reach areas of your above ground pool. One end of the 6m hose attaches to your pool filter pump with the free end connecting to the swimming pool vacuum. The vacuum comes with attachments to fit a variety of filter pumps and is used for clearing algae and grime from the floor and walls of a pool. The skimming net is used to scoop up and discard debris. Swimming pool cleaning kit also includes a swimming pool skimmer that attaches to a filter pump, hooks on the side of the pool and automatically traps leaves, bugs and debris. Bestway Deluxe Swimming Pool Maintenance Kit contains all the swimming pool equipment you could possibly need to clean up dirt and debris. It’s the perfect cleaning and maintenance starter set for an above ground pool. For different cleaning sets, as well as water purifiers, thermometers and a range of other products, visit the Bestway Pool Accessories collection.
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