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Super deluxe double-sided artist easel with all the art supplies you’ll need to express yourself with a white board on one side and a chalkboard on the other. Easel also doubles as a storage case and has movable compartments to hold supplies. Comes with 12 pieces of coloured chalk, 8 crayons, 6 paint pots, 2 paintbrushes, 6 coloured markers, 8 watercolours, sponge eraser and paper.
Knot the colored embroidery thread, add stylish metal charms and create fashionable bracelets! 12 amazing, super-stylish bracelets! Square-shaped macramé with a charm, squareshaped macramé with metal links, tying a square-shaped macramé knot-all in! Assemble and decorate the jewelry tree. Real metal charms, wax cord in various colours, rhinestones and more!"
Whirl round and round to create beautiful pictures and designs using plastic drawing gears. Colour inside the magic stencils to reveal the hidden pictures. Set includes: drawing machine with removable gear frame, plastic pattern wheel, 6 cardboard stencils with hidden drawings, 6 drawing gears, 6 markers, 1 special marker plus paper.
Design and sew your own hot runway fashions with a fully equipped studio for budding fashion designers! Create outfits for your 11"" fashion dolls using the patterns included. 4 mannequins will assist you while designing Includes: battery-operated sewing machine, fabric, patterns, trimming, jewels, thread and more.
Build mosaic pictures on the plastic card using 150 colourful plastic tiles and 16 activity cards—or use your imagination! Learn to count, plus develop both visual perception and motor coordination.
Decorate this jewelry box and mirror to match your fashion style. 3-drawer jewelry box and mirror are easy-to-assemble and made of durable cardboard. Also includes: 6 small paint pots, 1 large pink paint pot, 7 bottles of glitter, paintbrush, ribbon, string and clasps. Decorate the jewelry box and mirror, or make bracelets with the assorted coloured gems—over 300 of them!"
Use glitter, stencils, colourful paints and special marker to decorate real rocks to create paperweights, ornaments and more. Set includes: 6 paint pots, 2 paintbrushes, special marker for writing on rocks, 7 bottles of glitter, 5 various sized rocks plus 60 stencils.
Build a solar energy device that captures the rays of the sun and turns them into electricity. Use the solar device to power a fan, music player, color wheel and an electric light bulb.
Design and create oodles of colourful laminated stickers in different shapes and sizes. You can even make stickers using your friends’ photos! Comes with 100 illustrations, letters and numbers for creating stickers, CD labels, tags and more. Set includes: sticker machine, roll of sticker paper, roll of transparent film, roller and tool card.
"Battery operated wheel to sculpt and create ceramic vases, pots & more Pottery wheel has adjustable speed control and removable pottery tray Set includes: 4 paint pots, paintbrush, 2 sculpting tools plus 2 lbs. of clay"
Assemble the table, prepare the origami desserts and enter your own fantasy world! 14-piece tea set. Pretend and play!

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