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Instantly create a storm of bubbles with the Gazillion Bubbles Tornado! With no pump and no wait time, you'll be creating a gazillion bubbles in a flash! This ultimate bubble machine blows bubbles straight up in the air! Simply pour the solution into the spout, push the button, and watch in amazement as a Tornado of bubbles blows into the sky! The Gazillion Bubbles Tornado includes a 4 oz. bottle of non-toxic Gazillion Bubbles solution. 4 AA batteries required, not included.
Surge into bubble battle with the Gazillion battle blaster. With the all-new blaster, you can blast bubbles up to 10 feet. Simply screw the included solution bottle into the blaster base, pull the trigger to start the flow of bubbles and blast into bubble fun. Includes a 4 oz. Bottle of Gazillion premium bubbles solution. 6 AAA batteries required, not included.
Create giant bubbles with the Gazillion big bubbles Incredibubble wand! dip the wand into the specially formulated giant bubble solution and wave to make massive incredible! this large wand comes with its own tray and 16 ounce bottle of giant Gazillion bubble solution specially formulated to create huge bubbles. Simply pour the solution into the provided tray, dip the wand into the solution, and give it a wave to create incredible.

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