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Dump truck on the radio. Moving back and forth, accompanied by sound and light effects.
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Vroom Vroom! Children's sports car with radio control. Through the steering wheel you can turn the vehicle, forward gear, horn and ignition key. With sounds and lights
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Strengthen your child's cognitive skills with the amazing Build & Play (formula car and locomotive) Playset! Both the formula car and locomotive can be disassembled and reassembled by using the available two-way motorized screwdriver and screws. Once assembled, the vehicles move freely while the formula car's engine flicks left and right and the wheel bearings and steam chute of the locomotive jumps up and down! The Build & Play (formula car and locomotive) Playset is designed not only to enhance your child's cognitive skills but also the development of hand-eye co-ordination.
Put the work goggles on and head to the garage with the My Workshop - Multi-Tool Set (Power Drill). Complete with plenty of nuts and bolts that can be put together with the electrically-powered drill. Be sure to rotate the handle of the drill to help dad drill things his real tools can't! Use the pliers to hold nails in place while you hammer away!
Driving Fun (Sports Car Driver) is an interactive toy steering wheel that will fascinate for hours on end! The experience starts with the turn of the ignition key which emits an engine starting sound, and after that all the lights and sounds become part of the drive. The miniature car moves correspondingly with the steering wheel while the gear lever provides different sounds depending on the gear the child selects, and all the other buttons play sounds that the picture on the buttons depict, greatly encouraging cognitive development and hand-eye coordination.
Checkout time! Teach your child how to manage money with the Electronic Cash Register. Complete with a real calculator, the Cash Register includes an imitation credit card and plastic coins that can be stowed in the cash till, so that you can teach your child how to manage money! The role playing experience is enhanced with various grocery items and a scanner button that plays a realistic scanning sound. The credit card can also be swiped on the cash register and a dialing sound is made.

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