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We can't all park a Ferrari FXX-K in our driveway, as much as we might want to. Luckily, we've got the next best thing with this awesome 1:14 scale remote controlled version! It looks every bit as cool as the original, and faithfully recreates every minor detail across the chassis. The full function control allows you to steer the vehicle effortlessly, and you can even control the working head and tail lights!
The producer of peak performance and bank draining supercars is at it again, with the Lamborghini Huracan sprinting out of their stable with all the subtlety of a bull in a Ming vase museum. You can now take one for a spin around your area for a fraction of the price! This 1:14 scale remote control Huracan looks just as swish as its full-sized counterpart, boasting a huge range of authentic design features right across its bodywork and wheels. Pick up the intuitive pistol grip controller and you'll find it handles like a dream, responding to your every command with precision. To top it all off this RC replica features a differential gear box for enhanced performance as well as working headlights. Better still, you can enjoy the action with friends thanks to the tri-channel transmitter that lets you race alongside two other RC vehicles.
Escape certain peril in style by driving between the legs of a t-rex and dramatically leaping from a conveniently position ramp. This playset is so action packed, we reckon it could be worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster (we'll send this original suggestion to Mr Spielberg shortly). The dinosaur looms over the track and rocks back and forth, attempting to knock cars off the road with a quick flick of its tail.
Black, 4x4 Rebels Approx. 4.5" long Raised chassis woith off-road tires
Detailed race themed playset where you race through the loop and crash into the barrels! Featuring starting gate with auto start system, 18' (5.4 m) of dual lane track, and twin loop section.
Spring action launcher shoots the car. The set includes: One die case vehicle One spring-action launcher Three plastic accessories.
This two-wheeled vehicle is specially made for playing or collecting and guarantees a sweet walk!
Create amazing dioramas with these assorted playsets. There are four designs available including a police station, hospital, coffee shop and fire station, and each one comes with plastic accessories plus a three inch diecast vehicle! They're really easy to assemble straight out of the box, simply slot and fold them together to be left with your awesome new playset!
You shouldn't feed the shark at the end of this ramp, but if you do, only feed it nice and nutritious toy cars. They're his favourite. Load a vehicle into the elasticated launcher and then ping it down the track, through the arch, up the ramp and off the end towards the gaping maw that's packed with teeth. As soon as a car lands in the shark's mouth its jaws will snap shut, sealing the vehicle to its digestive doom.
If anything outruns this remote control car, a simple button press transforms it into a dart launching cannon that can put an end to the chase from a distance. Tap the morph button on the controller and this RC vehicle transforms from a car to attack mode, rising up to reveal a dart cannon loaded with five darts, all of which fire by remote. Big children will find hours of fun chasing each other with this dart spewing transforming RC vehicle, which can be made even more competitive thanks to its tri-channel transmitter that allows up to three cars to battle it out simultaneously!

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