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Real tools. Real metal parts. Real Racers! Gear up for a whole new build with Meccano’s 10-in-1 model Rally Racer with Mecca block Motor! Young minds tap into their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math as they piece together this S.T.E.M.-stamped building kit. With 10 different builds packed into one set, budding engineers can construct again and again! Tackle this project solo, or team up with a buddy to build together! Set at a novice difficulty level, with a construction time of 1-3 hours, this is an ideal starter-kit for new builders. Once complete, the Rally Racer comes alive with the Mecca block Motor! Young builders can feel pride and satisfaction as they watch their creation take off! Build your own Rally Racer with Meccano! For ages 8 and over.
Now you can explore the world of real engineering with Meccano! The set has 153 pieces, 2 real tools and easy instructions.
Designers Meccano for more than 100 years, is one of the most favorite toy for boys. Set of construction machinery includes clear and detailed instructions for the assembly of one of the 5 models. Playing with a set of Meccano designer will help develop a child's imagination and engineering thinking. All parts are made of high quality alloy, they are no sharp edges and burrs.
Manufacturers legendary designers Meccano company Spin Master, introduced a new set of amazing - a metal bike model Ducati Monster 1200 S. This set is made up of 292 different components made primarily of metal interconnect that you will be using a spanner, a screwdriver and screws. There are also plastic parts and rubber wheels. It is noteworthy that the set is in the first place, in the precise detail of the motorcycle model. The similarity with the original model can be traced down to the smallest details, which is confirmed even by representatives of the Italian company Ducati, which produces real motorcycle Monster 1200 S. Second, the model has gathered quite functional steering, suspension, side stand, and other details. The designer has a rather complicated assembly level and is recommended for children from 10 years.

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