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Pull up to the foam cone factory and make your own pretend ice creams with soap and water! Pour in a few drops of bubble bath, add water, and pull on the handle for fun results every time Includes foam cone factory with 3 flat-bottomed cones, 3 flakes and a sprinkle shaker Easily mountable to bathroom wall or bathtub
Greedy Granny from Goliath is sure to be tons of fun for everyone. Granny has fallen asleep again with a whole tray of goodies on her lap. Players take turns attempting to remove the pieces from Granny's tray as carefully as they can without waking Granny. But Granny is a light sleeper - someone may disturb Granny and send her teeth flying!
In My First Train Set, the fun pull-back train runs around the easy-snap track while his eyes move left and right. Includes a tunnel and trees to complete the scene. An ideal first train set; just think where they will go next!
Octopals is a wonderful, colourful floating island that's several bath toys in one! Turn Mummy octopus upside down for water pouring fun. Her 8 little babies each squirt water and have a suction cup so they can stick to the sides of the bath or on wall tiles. Each funny-faced baby features a different number that corresponds to a space on the island - ideal for number matching fun! Babies come in twos with coloured heads and collars for different colour matching games, too.
Your little one will enjoy hours of fun playing with these Hide n Squeek Eggs from Tomy. A great toy to encourage play and develop your child’s early skills. Crack them open to reveal the brightly coloured press-and-cheep chicks. It is also a shape sorting game matching egg bases to the right shaped hole in the box.
Squeeze The Button On The Handlebars To Pop The Balls Out Scoop Them Off The Floor As You Drive Over Them Scoot Around Chasing Every Last Ball, Picking And Popping Over And Over Includes 5 Colorful Balls

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